Studio Jencquel

Uma Ubud Hotel



Overlooking the stunning Tjampuhan valley, the Uma Ubud Hotel is a luxurious development. The hotel is nestled into the hills, surrounded by tropical gardens as it crowns the lush jungle below it. As designed, the tranquility of the surrounding picturesque Balinese landscape is mediated and absorbed by the resort. In 2013 sixteen brand new rooms were conceived, and fifteen of the previously existing rooms were recently renovated by Studio Jencquel.

Studio Jencquel collaborated with architect Yew Kuan Cheong to create the new villas for this hotel. While seeking to preserve the hotel’s existing concept, Studio Jencquel’s objective was to revitalise the property by adding a touch of modernism, while at the same time accentuating the stunning location. Air and light penetrate the buildings freely and play an important role in the extension of the hotel. The different rooms vary in size between 45 m2 to 80 m2.

The 15 existing rooms were renovated in a similar style to the villas conceived in 2013, and each was upgraded with a private plunge pool. The furniture is a blend of bleached teak and rattan, and their design is inspired by a Dutch colonial style. Terrazzo (resin) bathtubs are manufactured in a factory in Java. The overall spaces are minimal, neutral, and contain only the essentials, while once again allowing nature to take the center stage.

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