Studio Jencquel
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In August 2015, Studio Jencquel was invited to consult on the construction of Soham Wellness Center in Seminyak, Bali. Though construction was already underway, the project was in dire need of creative vision, as well as help completing the building while under restrictions of time and budget.

Stepping into the void, Studio Jencquel re-designed the building layout, the spatial planning, and ultimately the concept of the business. The revised wellness center design was a blend of industrial and Balinese, with an embrace of the surrounding natural beauty. Maximilian and his team implemented a design featuring the iconic red brick found in Balinese homes and temples. Working on the fly from sketches and mood boards, a coherent vision was born in the project that has led to its ongoing success today.

Among the notable improvements added by Studio Jencquel was an outdoor lap pool surrounded by a park, viewable through large scenic windows and framed by the mountains beyond. A sober, pure interior design features polished cement, exposed pipes, and clean lines. The well-designed spa layout has red brick wall patterns that bring the feel of the building facade inside. Although not a typical Studio Jencquel project, the 2500 m2 property turned out well given the unusual circumstances surrounding it.